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We help active adults in North Texas Reduce their pain and get back to normal. 

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Meet with a Doctor of Physical Therapy for a 1 on 1 evaluation to determine cause of pain.

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Receive a personal plan tailored to your exact needs. Not a 'cookie cutter' approach.


Spend more time living your best life, and getting back to activities you love.

""I have had numerous physical therapist through the years and have never been so comfortable or happy with any of them. He is kind and compassionate. He actually listens and hears what I am saying. He is willing to explore the causes of the pain and the results of his/ our efforts as opposed to just jumping to a preconceived notion of what 'should be wrong'. He is a superb asset to the therapy staff and health program.""

Vera W

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Live your best life. Stop letting pain keep you on the sidelines. Let us help you get back out there.


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